iCarly Gingerbread Cookies

  • We gave this cookie to Mrs. Benson who immediately made him go on a diet. He's had nothing to eat but kale and broccoli for 3 days. He still hasn't forgiven us.

  • This cookie is sad because Sam ate his gingerbread house. Well, when you make your home that delicious, what do you expect?

  • This poor cookie was our Christmas gift to Lewbert. Apparently that man is so nasty he can even infect pastry.

  • This cookie accidentally walked in on Gibby in the bathroom. He always knocks first now.

  • We gave this guy to T-Bo, who then re-gifted it to Tiny T-Bo. Now he has a friend his own size and all the tiny smoothies he can drink!

  • We mailed this cookie to Carly in Italy where it promptly fell in love with a biscotti. Italian sweets are irresistible.