We Party with Carly's Dad! 

  • Aren't we a good looking bunch? So glad Socko dropped by to take this pic for us. He took a self portrait too, but we accidentally deleted it.

  • It's not every day you find out your fully-grown son dresses up like a hideous baby in his free time. We gotta say, Col Shay is taking it pretty well. 

  • Look at all those badges on my dad's uniform! When I was in Squirrel Scouts I only earned one badge and that was just for showing up. 

  • My dad is no stranger to Crazy Hat Parties. He's in charge of Silly Sombrero Saturdays on his submarine. 

  • Dad's like Spencer. But with shorter hair. And he doesn't randomly start fires. Or build Giant Pants sculptures. Okay, it's surprising they're even related. 

  • Spencer acts like this whenever he's around pirates. He had a bad experience at a Pirate-themed bachelor party once. He never talks about it. 

  • Surprisingly this pic got more comments on WhyNotDateMe.com than any of Spencer's other pictures. Girls are really into court jesters. Who knew?

  • Someone needs to explain Crazy Hat Party etiquette to T-Bo. We DO NOT eat our friend's hats Mr. Bo. We hope you learned your lesson.