iGoodbye Pics

  • One last time for our fans: RANDOM DANCING!!! Hope you liked it cuz we just got detention for "Dancing Randomly in School." The stuff we do for you guys.

  • After doing her last "Cowboy and the Idiot Farm Girl" skit, Sam offered to sell her mustache TO a charity FOR $5,000. Sam, that's not how charity works.

  • Every year, for just one day, Miss Briggs is inexplicably pleasant. Kinda freaks us out. We can't wait until tomorrow when she goes back to hating us.

  • This move is called the "Sam Super Squeeze." It's just like a hug, except normal hugs don't leave you with bruises on your rib cage.

  • Sam got so emotional she actually hugged Gibby. Gibby tried to hug her again later but she punched him in the stomach. She was no longer emotional.

  • Sam didn't end up catching Lewbert's sickness because she got her Lewbert shot this year. It's amazing that a vaccination was created for ONE man's germs.

  • Gibby and Freddie didn't end up going to the dance, but they did end up using their tuxes. They wore them to school the next day. P.E. class was brutal.

  • Sam and Spencer never even left the loft. They just sat on the motorcycle all night making "Vroom, Vroom" sounds. I have weird friends and family.

  • There you have it folks, the last time Spencer catches something on fire on iCarly. He'll still catch stuff on fire of course, the internet will just not be informed.

  • Forget video games, what all the kids want for Christmas THIS year is their very own weasel! (According to Gibby)

  • Meekalito's Rocks rock!!! (Meekalito made us write that. We personally think his rocks are just okay.)

  • We invited Meekalito over for Thanksgiving. He brought 3 of his rocks and made us serve them turkey. It's the last time we invite him over.

  • Spencer said the best way to end this photo gallery was with a picture of fancy socks. We agree.