Bitty Big Heads: World Travelers

  • Bitty Carly went to Texas; the only place where they make hats big enough to fit her gigantic head.

  • Surprise! Bitty Sam ended up in the slammer. Unfortunately, this is where you go if you eat your friend's hand in real life.

  • Bitty Carly and Freddie decided to visit Canada. But they had to sneak in because sadly, Canadians don't like cartoon characters crossing over their border.

  • Since cartoons don't need to breathe, Bitty Freddie went under the sea to search for SpongeBob. So far all he's been able to find is sunken pirate treasure. Oh well.

  • One Bitty step. Two giant heads.

  • And introducing: Bitty Spencer! He was supposed to be in the Bitty Big Heads cartoon, but he slept through his wake up call on shoot day.