Gibby, Guppy, and a Pear Book

  • Guppy says he hates wearing Gibby's hand-me-downs. He wishes he could wear his favorite style of clothes -- motorcycle chic.

  • Guppy is smiling because Spencer took him to Funk E. Fester's. Of course he also smiles when a toilet flushes or the microwave beeps. He's easily amused.

  • Gibby calls this his "Apron of Power." We think it'll look great with his "Skirt of Destiny" and his "Stilettos of Success."

  • Well, I guess Sam found her Pear Book. She won't tell us where it was hiding but it currently smells of clam and mozzarella.

  • The rest of iCarly is shocked at Sam's casual donut violence. That poor, poor innocent jelly filling.

  • Spencer made Guppy wear a backpack so he could sneak in some smoothies. Funk E.'s beverages are so $$. Too bad they exploded in the bag :/

  • You can tell Spencer's feeling down because whenever he's depressed he slowly turns into an old church lady.

  • Todd is very protective over his wall of prizes. One time someone won the giant stuffed bear and he cried for a week.

  • Gibby started a Guppy rental service. If you ever need to borrow a bizarre elementary school student for the day, you know who to go see.