Tiny T-Bo's Travels

  • Sam brought Tiny T-Bo to school to help her pass her history test... but she still failed. Next time she'll shrink someone smarter.

  • Sometimes Tiny T-Bo swims around in our porridge. He says the oats are a natural moisturizer for his skin. After he's done bathing in it, we throw it out.

  • Next time you want to go on a trip with your friends and the airplane ticket is too expensive, just have them shrink you down and jump in their suitcase. #CheapSeats

  • If you go to a coffee shop and order a "Tall, Nonfat, Tiny T-Bo-No Whip," this is what you'll get. May we suggest sticking to a regular latte?

  • Last year, Tiny T-Bo lived in a lady's purse for 6 weeks. She had everything he needed in there: snacks, a brush, and a giant PearPhone to play games on.