iToe Fat Cakes

  • If Sam could crawl INSIDE a Fat Cake and live there, she would. But since she can't, eating them will have to do.

  • If "iToe Fat Cakes" keeps just one of you from stupidly sticking your big toe into a bath tub faucet... then we consider it all worth it!

  • "Hey look at that Fat Bag!" No we're not insulting this guy... he's actually holding a Fat Bag!

  • Sam tweeted a pic of her hanging out in Canada and slurpin' up a big bag of fat. She has successfully grossed out 549,987 of her followers.

  • So, wait... we never talked about how Freddie's mom said she bathes while wearing a sweatshirt. Does she also sleep with her shoes on? WEIRD!

  • While Carly poses, her left foot is slowly starting to resemble old, wrinkly, shriveled, elderly raisins. (Carly here. I think we all get it! Can we please move on?)

  • Mayor Mustachio is known for passing "The Facial Grooming Act of 2009" and "No Mustache Left Behind."

  • Canada has its perks: Fat Cakes. Beck from Victorious. Socialized Medicine. Maybe we'll move there some day. Nah.

  • It's a bird. It's a plane. Nope it's something a lot less impressive. It's Gibby Gibson. You can all go home now.

  • At iCarly we take Patty Cake very seriously. The first person to mess up has to eat a 5-course vegan meal with Mrs. Benson. Ew.