iLove You Pics

  • Take a good look... it's probably the LAST time you'll see this happening. Okay, okay, you've looked long enough. It's getting awkward.

  • See... even in jail Sam can't follow the rules! We were ALL told to cross our arms for this picture.

  • Gibby makes the same face no matter what the situation. His jail face is the same as his spaghetti-for-dinner face and his found-20-bucks-on-the-street face!

  • This duck is kindly asking Carly to get out of his shot. He says webbed feet trumps web star.

  • Gibby and Quackers just bought a bunch of miniature bow ties for his big iCarly debut. Too bad Carly cut him from the show. Anyone have a duck they need to dress?

  • There's a new show opening on Broadway called "Ducks." Quackers tried out. He was turned down for all 300 duck roles. I told you he wasn't talented.

  • Sam thinks breaking up with Freddie is ultimately a good idea. However, she thinks going back to buying her own meals stinks.

  • Barry woke up 4 hours later to find out he missed all the train action and fig nooters. On the bright side, this was the first time a real-life girl actually touched him.

  • Most teenage girls don't need to buy a hatchet. Then again, most teenager's moms don't padlock their refrigerator. Yeah, I'm so glad I'm not a Puckett.

  • We asked Sam where she got a giant hot pretzel at 7 AM. She said she knows "a pretzel guy." Who knows a pretzel guy?!?

  • We learned two new things this week: 1) Sam's apparently Italian. 2) You can't sneak ham in your pants into a federal prison.

  • Freddie's glad that Carmine and Chaz weren't craving pineapples in prison. Ham is much softer on the buttocks.

  • Every year, 235 hams are smuggled into the Seattle prison system. 234 of them were for one of Sam's relatives. They really love their pork products.

  • Spencer says it's really hard to find space alien pajamas in his size. We're glad Spencer spent 14 days searching online for these. #getajob