iLost My Mind

  • Here's Carly and Freddie hanging out with their favorite little blonde mental patient.

  • Caleb insists he's from the future, but we don't think that shirt will EVER be in style... no matter what decade it is.

  • Why can't we ever just pose normally?

  • We heard the institution hung Sam's "finger" painting in the cafeteria but it was later destroyed when a patient named Maury tried to thumb wrestle with it.

  • We managed to capture the exact moment when Caleb's tacky shirt met Gibby's TACKIER shirt. There have been greater moments in fashion history.

  • Caleb may have an IQ of 156 but he still hasn't figured out how to properly sit in a chair.

  • Troubled Waters Mental Institution... not only do they make rockin' quesadillas but they even do your hair and make-up for you! Why did Sam even want to leave?

  • Gibby thinks Caleb is hilarious. He would TOTALLY watch a sitcom about highly intelligent but socially awkward people.

  • The lady-version of Spencer says that his necklace sounds like a "glorious" wind chime when he jumps up and down. Spencer is easily pleased.

  • According to Caleb, Carly is going to be the Vice-President of America someday. Carly likes this idea because she heard the White House has cool bathrooms.

  • We often wonder "What is Gibby thinking?" When we find out what he is ACTUALLY thinking, we often wish we never asked.

  • Is Sam crazy for liking Freddie? Comment below and let us know what you think!

  • When asked for his thoughts on how to resolve the global economic crisis, this guy said "SEDDDIEEE!!!!" (That's his answer for everything.)