Carly's Birthday Pics!

  • You just got BOO-ED by Carly and Sam. Hope you're proud of yourself. Maybe you'll learn to be more awesome some day.

  • Thanks Spencer for ruining this perfectly lovely group picture with your butt cameo.

  • It took Spencer 3 hours and 14 minutes to build this gummy bear lamp for Carly. It only took 4 minutes for the lamp to completely destroy Carly's bedroom. Good job, Spence.

  • And you thought your room was a mess???

  • Everything about Carly's NEW room is awesome EXCEPT for the fact that every time you look at it, you suddenly crave an ice cream sandwich!

  • T-Bo makes his employees use gloves when they wash the smoothie machines AND when they clean the toilets. Unfortunately, T-Bo only bought ONE pair of gloves. He said it's cuz of the economic downturn.

  • Carly said this is one of her favorite pictures because her hair's all "supermodelish." She thinks this could be her big break into shampoo commercials.

  • We don't know why Gibby is dirty. The only thing he lifted during the rebuilding of Carly's room was a potato chip to his mouth.

  • Well Gibby, all the mystery is gone. This is what you'll look like in 60 years.

  • Gibby says he still has nightmares about being left in this cherry pie, which is odd because being stuck in a giant cherry pie is one of Sam's fantasies.