I'm Boycotting Omar's Pizza

I'm SO done with Omar's Pizza! Sure they may have DELICIOUS cheesy pizza, but I refuse to eat there ever again! 

Here's what happened: I was hangin' over at Carly's house and my mom wouldn't come pick me up -- she said she was spending time with her new boyfriend who doesn't know she has any kids and she wanted to keep it that way. So, anyway... I had a brilliant idea. I would go next door to Omar's Pizza, order a large pep and cheese, and have them deliver it -- AND ME -- to my house. But they said no. Turns out Omar's won't deliver people, just pizzas. :(

So, I had to take the bus home and this nub sitting next to me sneezed all over my pizza, making it a pepperoni, cheese, and snot pizza. GROSS! 

To make it worse, when I finally got home, my mom introduced me to her new boyfriend and told him that I was the troubled youth that she was mentoring. I was so mad, I gave them the pizza to eat. They said it was really good but a little saltier than usual. Ahh, revenge in food form -- my favorite kind!

So that's why I'm boycotting Omar's pizza. Well, until I get hungry again -- which will probably be later tonight.




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