Perks of Being Hit By a Taco Truck

Hey, yo -- injured Freddie here.

Not sure if you know this yet, but I got hit by a taco truck this week! I'm typing with my left hand only -- 'cuz my right hand is broken. So this is gonna be a short blog. The line I just wrote took 6 minutes to type!!

Despite the massive amount of pain in the last few days, it really hasn't been that bad of a week. Here are some of the reasons that getting hit by a taco truck was maybe the best thing that's ever happened to me!

•  Turns out "Broken Freddie" is a "Popular Freddie"! See what I mean?

•  Crutches act as a good defensive tool against Sam and her wedgies.
•  Free tacos for the rest of my life! ¡Muy Bueno!
•  My cast can't get wet so my mom can't give me any tick baths for awhile!
•  Oh, yeah, and I totally got all smoochy with Carly! (That's all you're getting from me on that subject... A gentleman never blogs on his love life. But we DID kiss and it was GLORIOUS!)


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