My Tweets from This Week

Yo, yo, yo. It's me, Sam!

So I've been tweeting a lot this week and I thought I'd share my tweets with you here on in case you missed my tweets where I usually tweet them. I love the word "tweet." Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Monday's Tweet:

OMG, Carly just spit in THIS hot guy's eye while asking him to the dance! He made this face and then turned her down!

Tuesday's Tweet:

Can you believe I got this super long, fake arm at the Halloween store for $3? Now, I can stand farther away from Freddie while I slap him in the face!

Wednesday's Tweet:

Check it out! I totally sewed Spencer's jeans to the couch! Puckett FTW!!!!

Thursday's Tweet:

Me and Carls hangin' out at the Groovy Smoothie -- see the big G in the back? This week on iCarly we've got PATHETIC PLAYS and I'm planning a surprise for Carly!

Friday's Tweet:

Really? Seriously? This is Gibby's girlfriend??? Really?

Saturday's Tweet:

Okay, so I just woke up and it WASN'T a nightmare. This is ACTUALLY Gibby's girlfriend!!!! He must have one big piggy bank!

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