Which one of the iCarlys am I most like?

Howdy, peeps! It's me, Carly -- the best blogger this side of the Mississippi (well, I think so, anyway).

I was on SplashFace today and I saw this iCarly Quiz! And natch, I had to take it. The name of the quiz was "Which one of the iCarlys are you most like?" So, I, CARLY, took the iCARLY Quiz to find out which iCarly personality I was most like. Of course I thought being me and all, that the answer would be CARLY. BUT... NO! This was my result:


Congratulations! You are so NOT a Carly! You throw caution to the wind. You're a fun-loving, ladies' man who can party with the best of 'em. You love NOTHING more than taking off your shirt and drinking out of a pineapple. When playing basketball, you'll always be SKINS! What you lack in clothes, you make up for in AWESOMENESS. You go, Gibby! Shake what your momma gave you!

REALLY??? Gibby???? I am NOTHING like Gibby. I ALWAYS have a shirt on -- even sometimes in the pool! What? I'm 15 and I'm self-conscious at times! Either the person who wrote this quiz doesn't know what they're talking about OR I don't know myself at all!!! Ugh.

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