Letter To That Kid Who Put My Phone Number On The Internet

Dear Kid Who Put My Phone Number on the Internet,

Thanks. Thanks a lot. Not sure if you have a part-time job or anything, but maybe I can send you my phone bill?!?! Cuz ya know they CHARGE if you go over 5,000 TEXTS!!!! And, I got OVER 5,000 texts in ONE class ALONE! Let me just say, Mr. Howard (my teacher) did NOT appreciate that. He gave me detention! After detention, Spencer had to drive me to the mall where I got a NEW phone number and I treated myself to a shiny, new, pink case (That's besides the point, I'm still mad at you!). Anyway, I thought my troubles were over, BUT NOW, I keep getting texted FEET PHOTOS on my NEW phone! Yeah, photos of feet. Apparently, the guy who USED to have this number is a foot doctor! Oh, excuse me, I have ANOTHER text message. Guess what it is... another FOOT!!!

Don't believe me? Check out the pics below.

Hairy Feet!


The Foot Without a Leg!

Dirty Feet!

Web-Savvy Feet!

Extra-long Second Toe Feet!

Awww... Adorable Foot!

And, last but not least, Weird creature feet!

And -- if I ever find out who you are, Kid Who Put My Phone Number on the Internet, I'll be sure my friend Sam introduces you to her foot -- just before she kicks you in the nose.

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