General Questions
What is iCarly?
When I decided to start my own web show, my friends and I named the show iCarly – the "i" stands for Internet (or insanely awesome) and Carly is my name. is a place where you can come see me and my best friend, Sam, do fun our blogs...check out our pictures...and even upload your own pics and videos for a chance to see them on iCarly!!! And more!!! Seriously!!!
How do I get on iCarly?
Easy! Just send us your video and we might put it on our webcast -- or show it on! But remember, your parents have to give permission for you to send us your videos before we can even watch them. Then, we have to love your video before we show it. So don't send us boring stuff! And don't get all mad if you don't see your video right away. We're, like, super-busy with our web show and school stuff (homework). So it might be awhile before we watch your video. Just keep checking back to see if we pick your video to show!
When does this website update?
We update pretty often. We add video highlights for each web show (usually on Saturday night). We normally add your comments to the site on Tuesdays and update our pics on Thursdays. One of the coolest things on our site is our countdown clock (you can find it at the bottom of the homepage) -- and it tells you what we're gonna update next!